So I realized I have had this eyeshadow palette for quite a while now, and completely neglected to do a review on it! I am admittedly pretty terrible at eye makeup, so please take all of my opinions with a grain of salt. 

I picked up the Theory Palette from Viseart a while back, but since I don’t normally wear much eye makeup other than mascara, and since my mind has been elsewhere with my upcoming due date, it has been on the back burner. 

Continue reading for my thoughts on this palette, and to see some very amateur eye looks on yours truly. 

I purchased this palette from Sephora, where it retails for $45. It has six different shades, and each of the individual pans are removable if you prefer to keep your makeup in a larger, custom palette. There are three matte shades, and three shimmer/metallic shades. I chose the “cashmere” palette because it had neutral creams, browns, and rosy shades, which is my preferred makeup color scheme. There are also four other colors available, from warmer oranges, to pinks, to purples. 

According to the brand, these palettes provide “unparalleled coverage, pigment, and all-day, long-lasting color.” This palette is highly reviewed, and wasn’t cheap, so I had high hopes for it. I have used it on multiple occasions, and find myself feeling pretty underwhelmed by it each time I use it. While the colors are beautiful and blend well, they are not very pigmented, and I find myself having to build them up quite a bit in order to get the color payoff I want. However once you do get them to build up to the color you want, they are long lasting, and I have worn them without a shadow primer or base and have been impressed with their longevity. 

My main issue with these shadows is the fallout. Both on my face during application, and from the pan while picking up color with a brush, there is a ridiculous amount of powder fallout that gets everywhere, and is like watching your money disappear into thin air. I learned the hard way that this is a shadow palette that needs to be applied prior to doing any face makeup, since if you apply it after foundation/concealer/etc., it will get all over your face and leave you with a very unattractive look. There is also a considerable amount of kickback in the pan themselves, so it can create quite a mess there too. I can deal with a fair amount of fallout if the shadows are incredible, but unfortunately for me, these shadows aren’t amazing enough to compensate for that. 

So while I like the colors and the looks you can achieve from this palette, I am not sure I would recommend it to others because of the intense fallout and patchy formulation. If you really don’t mind cleaning up after doing your eye look every time, then go for it. However, I think that for the price, there are plenty of other neutral everyday shadow palettes available out there. 

In a similar price range, there are many other neutral eyeshadow palettes out there. I love both MAC and NARS shadows, and prefer both companies formulas and palettes to this one from Viseart. 

I hope you found this review helpful, and just remember that what may work for me may not for you, and vice versa. Everyone is different and has different preferences when it comes to makeup and skincare.