It’s time for an overdue post on my favorite liquid foundation. The Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Long Wear Foundation is hands down my all time favorite liquid foundation. Note I say liquid, since I still absolutly love the Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick.

Back to the Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Long Wear Foundation though… This foundation has been around for quite a while in various iterations, having most recently gone through another reformulation and color range update earlier this year. I repurchased this bottle in March, so I am assuming it is from the latest formulation. I got mine at Sephora, but it is also available at Nordstrom, Macy’s, and anywhere else with a Lancôme counter. It retails for $47, and you get 1 oz of product. The price tag is steep, but in the expected range for a higher end luxury foundation. There are now 40 available shades, so most people should not have any issue finding a match. 

Continue reading below to see why I love this foundation so much, and to see it in action on yours truly. 

The Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Long Wear Foundation is an oil-free, long-wearing, liquid foundation that claims to deliver medium-to-full coverage and leave a natural-looking, velvety-matte finish for up to 24 hours. I have tried so many liquid foundations over the years, and this product is hands down my favorite because of the application, wear, feel, and color range available. 

In terms of application, Lancôme states that you can use a brush, a beauty sponge, or your fingers. I have found that this best applies with a dampened Beauty Blender. You could use a brush or your fingers, but I find applying with fingers to be hard to blend and messy, and a brush can leave a streaky finish. With a Beauty Blender, I always get an even, and natural looking application. It blends well with concealers, and doesn’t require much powder to set. I have quite oily skin so I set all over, but you could get away with very minimal setting since this does dry down to a more matte finish. Also, this bottle does have a built in pump, so it is very easy and hygienic to dispense. 

According to the Lancôme description of this foundation, it has a medium-to-full coverage, yet it is still natural looking. I think they got that pretty spot on. With just an even layer, I think that this foundation has a medium coverage, but can be built up more towards a full coverage. This is not a true full coverage foundation though- if you are looking for full, heavy duty coverage than this is not for you. I am dealing with quite a bit of pigmentation issues on my cheeks due to melasma (thanks pregnancy hormones!), and this does due a good job of covering it if I build up the coverage in that area, yet I can leave it sheer enough to allow my beauty marks to show through some (I did not fill them back in in the above picture, so you can see the coverage this foundation gives.). While I think it is pretty clear that I am wearing makeup, I think it is pretty natural looking. I have not had any issues with this foundation getting cakey, or settling into fine lines or pores. 

The wear on this foundation is incredible. It claims to be a 24 hour wear, and why you would need that long of a coverage time I don’t know, but this does last you all day. I have worn this all day, out and about in heat and humidity, and it never fails me. The other thing I love about the wear on this foundation is that it requires hardly any touchups. Maybe if its a particularly hot day I will have to blot once or twice with blotting papers, but that’s it. It stays matte and doesn’t need any powder touchups to remain so. It manages to stay put without feeling heavy or mask like, which is great especially if you hate feeling like you are wearing makeup. On their site, it claims to be transfer-reisistant, which I think is a very accurate description. Note it is not transfer-proof, but transfer-resistant, so keep that in mind. For the most part you won’t have any issues with it rubbing off or smudging, but maybe think twice before trying on lots of white clothing… 

Earlier this year, Lancôme added more colors to the available shade range, bringing the total to 40 available colors. I think that this is a wonderful selection of shades, and very few people will have issues finding a match. Because there are so many available colors, you will definitely want to get matched in person, and I suggest getting a sample to try to make sure it is a good match for you in all lights. I am in the shade 330 Bisque N, which is for medium skin with neutral undertones. This is one of the best shades of foundation for me I have ever had, as it truly is neutral in its undertones. I have found with other products that their “neutral’ undertones are still with too cool or too warm for my skin, but this is truly neutral in its undertones. The color is perfect for me now, but will probably be a little too light in another month or so. Either way, with 40 shades in multiples skin colors and undertones, you shouldn’t have any issues finding a match. 

Overall, I love this foundation so much. Even if I am having a bad skin day, this foundation always applies and wears wonderfully, and delivers the level of coverage I want it to. It lasts all day and never feels heavy or cakey. Other than a higher price tag than I care for, I have nothing negative to say about this foundation. Hands down, the Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Long Wear Foundation is my all-time favorite liquid foundation.