After lusting after this handbag for what seems like an eternity, it finally belongs to me! This purse is my first designer handbag, and was a decision that took me quite a while to make. After going back and forth on what bag to get as my first investment handbag, I finally settled on the Givenchy Antigona.  

I decided on this purse because I loved the simple and structured design of it. The lines were clean and simple, and I prefer a handbag with more structure to it. While the Antigona has only been around since 2010, I felt that the design was classic enough that it would stand up to fading trends year after year. 

Once I finally figured out what bag I wanted, then came the size and color deliberations. I initially thought I would want the medium size, but after seeing it in person, I realized it was way too big for me. I ended up getting the small, which isn’t exactly petite at 11″ wide and 9″ tall. It has a shoulder strap, with about a 12″ inch drop. The strap isn’t a super practical length, but is simply more for aesthetics. 

The next decision was what color to get. The only constant color that Givenchy carries is black, and then offers different colors every season.  I went back and forth on what color to get, trying to decide between black and a lighter nude. Since there is another handbag I have my eye on for my next purchase in black (at least my husband always knows what I want for our anniversary!), I went with the lighter nude shade for this handbag since I loved the way it looked just as much as the black. There actually was a tan version on this bag, but I ended up getting the quite feminine (and surprisingly versatile) shade “old pink.” I was worried the shade would be too pink, but this color really varies in whatever light it is in from appearing very beige to dusty rose. There have also been other very pink shades of this handbag, but the color “old pink” is much more tan/rose in color rather than a true pastel pink. 

The material for this bag is the ‘sugar’ grained goatskin. I have been using this handbag very regularly for over 6 months now (I know this post is LONG overdue!), and have hardly noticed any scratching or wear. Only in the past month or so have I noticed some wear on the the top handles, but I think that is to be expected with regular use. I purchased it through Nordstrom, since I love their customer service, and knew if I have ever had any issues that I could stop by and have them sorted out. I stopped in recently once I noticed the wear, and they gave my suggestions on cleaning and conditioning the leather, and even cleaned it for me then in store. 

The hardware is palladium, and so far has held up incredibly well so far, not scratching (or at least not showing scratches) and remaining very shiny. The zipper is smooth, and perhaps one of the more trendy elements of this bag in that it is quite oversized. One issue I have with the hardware is on the shoulder strap- the way that they attach to the purse is normally very secure, but every now and then the strap will slip out of the attachment points since it’s not completely secure. It has only happened a few times now, but still annoying when it does. 

So far I absolutely love this handbag, and am very happy with my decision to go with the Givenchy Antigona as my first designer handbag. I love the design, material, size, and color. I have found the materials to be very high quality, and stand up well to regular use.

I don’t have anything significantly negative to say about this purse, but some things I have noticed that you may want to consider if you are interested in this bag are that 1) since it is very structured and well made, it is a heavier bag and quite stiff 2) the should strap isn’t a very practical length, and I would consider this bag a top carry as opposed to an over the shoulder. 

Overall, I am very happy with the Antigona, and love it as my first designer handbag. I already know I have an obsession with designer purses, but since they are such investment pieces and not something that I purchase often, that I take my time to decide before adding to my collection!