The time has come for us to move again. We have lived in North Carolina for the past 4 years, since James was stationed at Camp Lejeune, and it’s not a secret to anyone who knows me well that it was not my favorite place. That’s not to say that there are not parts of North Carolina that I love and are beautiful, but unfortunately where we lived never felt like home, and didn’t suit our lifestyle. As much as I tried to love North Carolina, I never really did, and patiently awaited the day when James would get out of the Marine Corps and we would move back to the west coast. 


While I am from California originally, James and I met in Seattle, and I have always loved the Pacific Northwest. My mom is originally from Washington, so prior to moving to Seattle for college, I got to visit regularly and fell in love with Seattle. Washington always felt like home to me, and still does. I think you know when a place is truly home. Despite the fact that I was born and raised in California, it never felt as much like home to me as Washington did. That is not to discredit my love and appreciation for San Francisco, but just to say that Seattle is the city my heart calls home. 


During those four years in North Carolina, we truly thought that we would return to Seattle as soon as James received his separation paperwork, but as it turns out, we still had one last adventure left in us. James received an amazing job offer (that may eventually lead us back to Washington), but had a number of openings throughout the midwest and east coast. One city that stood out to both of us was Lexington, Kentucky. To us, Lexington offered those aspects of the South that we loved, a good sized and active city, and something that we both loved – horses. I know it sounds trivial but between James growing up on a ranch and me missing riding and desperately wanting to get back into it, Lexington seemed a perfect fit. That combined with a lower cost of living (sorry Seattle but you kill me there…), we thought it would be a good place for James to get some civilian work experience and for me to throw myself into all things equestrian. 


As much as we miss Seattle, we know will eventually move back, and when we do, it will be for good. In the meantime, we are excited to be in a new city, a new state, and to start new lives. While there are certainly stressful and aggravating aspects of moving, one of the things that I love is that you get a clean slate. While some may hate having to start over, I love that you get a clean slate- that you can reinvent yourself and begin anew.