marathon training update

So the Marine Corps Marathon is just around the corner, and training is in full swing for me. I have two more very long training runs to do, and then I signed up for a local half marathon as part of my training schedule as well. My longest run to date has been 14 miles, and I have to confess it did not go as well as anticipated. I had actually planned for 16 miles that day, but only managed to run 14 of them. Unfortunately the Kentucky heat got the best of me, combined with an off running week prior. I am determined to stick with my training plan though, and have made sure not to miss any more runs, so that I don’t encounter the same problem on these next long training runs. Thankfully the heat and humidity have broken here, so that is no longer an issue either. Just to be on the safe side, my loving husband has volunteered to meet me half way to refill my water and provide any other necessities.

I feel that my stamina has held up on these long runs, but sadly I’m still as slow as a snail. I know I need to work on sprints to get faster, but to be honest I’ve just been focused on being able to run the whole distance. I made a decision this past week though to stop focusing on my pace, and to remember that this is my first marathon, and my goal is run the whole race and cross the finish line. I am already signed up for a half marathon in the spring, and know that I have many other races in my future that I can work towards running at a faster pace. So as much as a I would love to set out to run the marathon at a fast (fast for me) pace, I think I am going to focus on simply running the marathon in full!

For the actual race, I am not planning on wearing a camelbak or carrying any water since they have water stations set up every two miles, and I would rather not carry any extra weight. For my long training runs I have been carrying a camelbak though, since sadly Lexington didn’t get the memo that I need water stations! I also finally caved and got a pair of bluetooth headphones, and I have been loving them so far. I hated having a cord that hung down and could get tangled up. 

The training process for this race has been tough, and though I have been discouraged and exhausted at times, I am sincerely looking forward to the race. I love setting goals and challenges for myself, and this marathon is proving to be one of the more difficult challenges I have ever set for myself, but I am glad I did. I hope my optimism continues through October 30!