Iron Horse

This past Sunday, I ran the Iron Horse Half Marathon in Midway, Kentucky. This was my third half marathon, and my fastest to date! This run was also my last long run in my training schedule for my upcoming marathon.

This race took place in Midway, Kentucky, which is just outside of Lexington. It started downtown and ran through some very scenic farmland, so the views were incredible! I had been warned that the course was very hilly, but thankfully my training had prepared me for it, and the hills honestly weren’t too bad- more gentle rolling hills than what I had in mind. I will say there was one hill near the end of the course that did deliver a reality check to me. All in all I really enjoyed this race, and I highly recombined it to anyone in the area looking for a well organized half marathon through horse country. 

As of this race, my first full marathon is in exactly two weeks! The nerves are beginning to set in and I am starting to have quite a bit of anxiety about the race. The logical part of my mind tells me that I have trained for months now, and will be ok, but the emotional side worries I’ll barely make it walking to the finish line. Regardless, I have done what I can, and now I just have to give it my all on the 30th. I am thankful that the course for the marathon is much flatter than what I have been training on, and hopefully will be a bit cooler as well. The two things that really seem to take it out of me the most are the heat and the hills. Between now and the marathon, I really only have a few moderate runs, and then the week prior a few very short ones just to keep my legs nice and loose. Since I have been putting quite a bit into training for the past few months, I really am enjoying this little bit of tapering off! 

So off to DC in a few weeks for the race- and here’s hoping I don’t have to crawl across the finish line!