As temperatures rise in summer, it’s important to remember the 4 legged furry members of the family. Dogs can suffer from heat related ailments just like their humans, and it is important to look out for them and make sure they’re staying cool and safe. 

If you have active dogs like I do, they still need to get exercise in the summer, but it’s important to monitor how much they’re getting, and when to let them. I make sure to walk my dogs or take them to the park either early in the morning or late in the evening when the temperatures are cooler and the humidity isn’t in full effect. If you exercise them midday when the heat is at its worst, they can easily become over heated and dehydrated. If you have a very active or excitable dog, they may not let you know when they’ve had enough, so make sure you are looking out for them! Make sure to have lots of water available to them at all times, as they need to stay hydrated as much as we do. Swimming is also a great summer play option for pups if you have it available to you. If not, a kiddie pool in the yard can be very much appreciated by fido. 


I normally give my dogs lots of ice cubes in the summer time as treats, but decided to spoil them a little and make them pupsicles. These doggie popsicles are a mix of chicken broth, peanut butter, and diced apples. These were so simple to make, and my dogs went crazy for them! 

For one batch, I started with just chicken broth in the mold and let it set up before adding the peanut butter/broth/apple mixture. For another, I simply combined the diced apples, peanut butter, and enough chicken broth to thin it out and make it easy to get in the mold. I used these super cute paw and bone shaped silicone molds, and found them very easy to use. 

If you know your dog likes certain flavors, feel free to mix in whatever you like. I just know that Charlie and Callie go crazy for anything peanut butter flavored, and I get death stares from them when I eat apples and don’t give them any. 

So if you are hiding in the AC this summer, remember that your pups can get just as hot as you, and need lots of water and shade. And please please never leave your dog in a car! Even if you are in the shade, a parked car heats up so quickly, and will spell disaster for your pup. 

Head here for more tips on summer time dog care. Enjoy your summer, and make sure the whole family stays cool, hydrated, and healthy with the heat!