We finally got Cameron’s nursery all set up, and I thought I would share it with everyone. It is pretty simple and very neutral, since we didn’t want to find out the gender of our baby, and we both aren’t big fans of bright colors and patterns. We also knew we would be moving during the pregnancy, and needed pieces that worked in a variety of housing situations and decor. 

The crib is a 4-in-1 crib, so it can be used as a crib, daybed, toddler bed, and full size bed. I love the light whitewash wood finish, and the cute white dipped feet.

While the main seating in the nursery is the rocking chair, the pouf serves as extra seating, and is soft and stable enough for Cameron to grab onto when the time comes to start pulling himself up. Similar ones here and here

We didn’t set out to have a themed nursery, but I suppose if we had to say it would be baby farm animals. The bunny mobile and the artwork helped to ‘baby’ the place up, without making it too cutesy for our taste. 

Our last place had hardwood floors, but unfortunately the rental we are in now has quite boring carpet in the bedrooms.  Regardless, I decided to layer up the rugs how I had initially planned. The brown rug was from Target but is now no longer in stock. There is a similar one here though. I love the texture of sheepskin rugs, and it’ll work well as a place to put Cameron’s play gym when he gets a bit older. 

While we are renting since we’re only in Kentucky temporarily for James’ work, I did switch out the light fixture in the nursery. Nothing fancy, just a simple paper lantern style fixture form Ikea. 

The biggest splurge for the nursery was hands down the rocking chair. It is a rocking chair as well as a recliner, and we wanted a piece that would work in multiple nurseries and rooms, and was well built to last many years and to have the ability to be reupholstered if necessary. We got ours from Pottery Barn Kids, but have seen similar styles here and here

In lieu of an overpriced nursery specific dresser or changing table, we decided to get a simple dresser from Ikea and use the top as a changing table.

The diaper pail is from Ubbi, and can be used for both disposable diapers and cloth diapers (which we plan on using once Cameron’s little butt fits into the regular size cloth diapers) with the use of a cloth liner bag


The floor lamp is from Target, as is the throw pillow on the rocking chair. 

We struggled for a while to find an end table that would fit in the space and be versatile enough to use in different set ups, and ultimately decided to get these dip foot stools, since they have a multitude of uses. For now they work great as end tables and are so helpful during late night feeding sessions. 

My husband kindly humored my request for a mirror above the changing table, although lately I could go without the reminder of what a hot mess I look like.

For organizing the dresser, we picked up this seagrass organizing caddy, but there are many similar options around, like this one here. I found ours perfectly fits diaper cream, baby powder, wipes, and a handful of diapers at the ready.

The nightlight has proven to be invaluable for middle of the night diaper changes and feedings- bright enough to let us see what we’re doing, but not so bright as to fully wake up Cameron. 

While the dresser is from Ikea, we did switch out the hardware on it and replace it with some antler pulls I found on etsy to make it feel a little more custom, and to add some more natural elements to the room. 

I seriously love this little corner of the nursery, and it’s a good thing I do since I spend so much time here feeding one very hungry baby!

The changing pad can be found here, and the cover here. I will confess we have been using disposable covers on the changing pad while we both get the hang of diaper changes, and having a little boy that seems to take great pleasure in peeing on everything but his diaper. We would have to have 5 backup covers or being doing laundry around the clock if we didn’t have them. 

I can’t get over how cute these stools are, and have seen them used in kids rooms, playrooms, but also in all sorts of “grown up” spaces and they work just as well. 

The baskets are nice and oversized, and are currently being used to wrangle all of Cameron’s stuffed animals he was gifted, as well as his books. There are similar ones here and here

I am also a crazy plant lady, and probably have at least two houseplants in every room, so naturally the nursery was no exception. I love the life and natural elements houseplants bring to any room, and I love the fact they help with oxygen exchange, and to me, always make the air in a room feel fresher. The planter for the Palm is from Target, and the other plant in the room is a Chinese Evergreen. 

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of Cameron’s Nursery! 







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