Version 2

Hello everyone! My name is Lisa Coe, and I’m an unintentional homemaker currently living in Kentucky with my husband James, and our assortment of animals. I am originally from the San Francisco area, but met my husband in Seattle (go Huskies!). His career has moved us to California, North Carolina, and now to Kentucky.

I created Candor and Rose as a creative outlet for myself, and as a place to share my life with friends and family. I wanted to be able to share all aspects of my life, whether it be cooking, beauty, home décor, fashion, or fitness.

The name came about when I asked friends to pick one word to describe me, and candid seemed to be the reoccurring theme. Since I created this site as a place where I could express myself, it seemed to fit. And rose… well I love all things rose!

Thanks for visiting my site! ~ Lisa