James and I are thrilled to announce that we are expecting our first child this August! Not to discount our four fur-babies, but we are are over the moon to become a family of three! Baby Coe is expected August 12, and we are patiently awaiting their arrival.

While we have been married for over five years now, we decided to wait until James was no longer in the Marine Corps before adding to our family, for a few reasons. First off, James and I got married very young (I was 22 and he was 24), so while we were young, in love, and caught up in a romantic whirlwind, we are both level headed enough to realize that we needed to give our marriage a few years to build the stable foundation that we now have. We also were young and having fun, and just wanted to enjoy being with each other before changing our lives forever with the addition of a child.

The main reason we wanted to wait until James left the Marine Corps and became a civilian was that we both wanted him to be home every night, and to be able to be a part of every stage of this child’s life. Had he planned on a lifelong career in the military, we would have timed things differently and just accepted that deployments and lots of time apart were a permanent fact of our lives, but we knew from the very beginning that he was only planning on one enlistment in the Marine Corps, and would be returning to civilian life after that. So while there were many occasions that I impatiently wanted to join my friends in the joys of motherhood, I knew that our lives would be changing again very drastically from this career change, and that in our case, it was best to wait a little longer.

James left the Marine Corps last summer, and we made a move to yet another state unknown to us. Once things settled down after the move and with his new career, we decided it was time to start our family, and thankfully and fortunately we were able to do so right away. 

So far my pregnancy has been pretty easy, although I dealt with some pretty severe morning sickness in the first trimester. And whatever doctor dubbed it morning sickness had a terrible sense of humor, since it did not discriminate based on the hour of the day. Thankfully the nausea and fatigue I felt so much in the first trimester has started to really disappear since I have entered my second trimester. 

I am planning on writing future posts with updates on my pregnancy, our birth plan, and the arrival of our little one. Oh, and we are not planning on finding out the gender, but either way baby’s name will begin with a “C,” so expect lots of updates on Baby C in the months to come!