Month: February 2016

I have been using Shiseido skincare on and off for the past year or so now, and have some thoughts on some of the items. Most recently, I used the Ibuki Gentle Cleanser, the Perfect Cleansing Oil, and the Ibuki Refining Moisturizer Enriched. In the past I have also used the regular Refining Moisturizer, as well as some other items such as the Benefiance WrinkleResist 24 Eye Contour Cream.  

The Perfect Cleansing Oil can be used on wet or dry skin to help removed makeup and impurities in a very gentle manner. On days when I am wearing makeup, I like to used it as part of a double cleaning routine at night. I use it on dry skin to really loosen and remove any makeup I may have on. The oil doesn’t really wash off very well on its own since it has a bit of a milky residue, so thats why I prefer to use it as part of a double cleansing method. That being said, I have used it on its own as a cleanser when my skin is being really sensitive and I need a very gentle cleanser. On those days, just make sure to be a little more diligent when rinsing it off. 

The Ibuki Gentle Cleanser is a gentler cream cleanser that works into a rich foam. It is very effective as a cleanser, while still being gentle enough not to feel as though I am stripping my skin. I have used it with my Clarisonic if I feel that I really need a deeper clean. Prior to this cleanser, I have never really used a cream cleanser (I have oily skin so I usually gravitate towards a gel) but found that this one is gentle but still effective. Since it’s winter and my skin is a bit more dry and sensitive, this cleanser has been wonderful! Whether it stays in my skincare arsenal come summer I can’t say yet. 

Last summer, the only moisturizer I used was the Ibuki Refining Moisturizer. I loved it so much because it was a very light consistency and had spf, while still helping with my skin texture. Come fall and winter though, I found that the light texture I loved in the southern summer just wasn’t cutting it for my skin in December. Enter the Ibuki Refining Moisturizer Enriched. It has the same pore refining and texture correcting properties of the regular moisturizer, while in a much richer cream consistency. I was extremely hesitant to try used a rich cream moisturizer since my skin is so blemish prone, but I did not notice any breakouts as a direct result of this product. 

The Shiseido Ibuki line claims to help skin “retain its plump state, free of blemishes, visible pores, and roughness.” While I can’t say my pores are by any means invisible (I wish…), I do think that this line helps with skin roughness and texture. My skin texture is something that I have really struggled with, which is why I find myself coming back to this line for help! Regardless of the season, there is always at least one item from the Ibuki line in my medicine cabinet at all times. 


Shiseido Ibuki

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